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Meet Jim 

Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Author, Speaker


Dr. Jim Jobin is a Psychotherapist (LCPC, LCADC), Life Coach and dual licensed Clinical Supervisor who takes a solution-focused approach utilizing humor, inspiration, and cognitive-behavioral therapy to get results and get your life moving forward. 


Dr. Jobin is an expert in behavioral health consulted by ABC NewsNBC News, the Las Vegas Review Journal, Fox 5 News, National Public Radiothe Nevada Legislature, the United Providers of Mental Health, City Cast Las Vegas, The Nevada Current and many others. 

Jim's Doctorate is in Behavioral Health from ASU, his Masters is in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University, and his Bachelor degree is in Religion also from Liberty University. 

Dr. Jobin belongs to the Christian faith and serves in the Celebrate Recovery programs across the city. Known for his personalized and compassionate approach, Jim is dedicated to finding the way forward together and creating change.

Presently, Dr. Jobin offers phone and zoom video sessions, he does not see patients under 18 years old at this time. His Associates are available in office and also virtually. 



Recent Reviews

“I found Jim through good reviews on Google and his warm smile was all I needed to give him a try. I had called numerous therapists that day and Jim was the only one that I was able to connect with. No one else answered their phones or called me back, so it was a sign that I was supposed to talk with him. I only tried therapy once and it wasn't a good match for me. I had ate a few supplements that I shouldn't have without a doctors permission and it scared me and my anxiety went through the roof. I decided to see if therapy would work. I never got to meet Jim in person because of the world being on hold, but our 3 zoom meetings were good. He always made me feel better in the moment and gave me a few assignments to help me work on myself. He is always available because he doesn't take insurance and it makes him able to get to you quickly. He is an awesome fellow and great to chat with!”


“Dr. Jobin is phenomenal. Truly cares for his clients and is knowledgeable in all areas of psychology. Finally feeling like myself again! Would recommend to anyone”


“Dr. Jim Jobin is the real deal, I saw him for the first time a year ago. His ability and understand and give you a different perspective on things is truly genuine. Not only did he help me grasp on what was going on but he gave me tools, tools that I will have forever. He has a true passion for helping people as a medical professional, this is the best investment I have made to this date was seeing him! If you're in the Vegas area I would not hesitate at all in seeing Dr. Jim Jobin you will not regret it.”



Fees & Insurance

Dr. Jobin and Associates are out of network, concierge therapists. This means that they do not take insurance directly. 

However, many insurance plans will reimburse members for a percentage of their out of pocket costs. Please call your insurance to see if this is an option for you and we will provide with documentation for your insurance so you can seek reimbursement. 

Dr. Jobin's sessions are $150, Licensed Associate's sessions are $120, Intern Associate's sessions are $100


There are no additional fees for intake or couples sessions. Patients may pay by cash (if in office), credit cards, debit cards, or health savings account cards. Payment is saved on file for future appointments and in the event of a no-show. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance? 

No, we are an out of network concierge practice. We will provide patients a Super Bill should they like to seek personal reimbursement from their insurance.


Do you see people from outside of Nevada?

No, at this time we are only licensed to practice in the state of Nevada. 


Do you treat children and adolescents? 

Usually no, though exceptions are sometimes made for 17 year olds. 


Do you prescribe medications? 

No, we provide psychotherapy. Please search for a Psychiatrist or consult your Physician for medications. 


Do you see patients in the office? 

Presently Dr. Jobin sees patients through Zoom or by phone. We have found this to be more convenient for patients and allows broader day and time options for scheduling. 


How do I make appointments? 

Please use our live calendar to request an appointment. In your confirmation email you will see a link to our New Patient Intake Packet. You will also receive a confirmation text message with a link to save your form of payment on file prior to your first session.

Author & Speaker

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Every dad thinks he’s got all the answers but only one dad knows he does. For over 10 years Dr. Jim Jobin has gathered his favorite life lessons from his psychotherapy practice and distilled them into this hall of fame collection of fatherly advice. Advice on success, overcoming setbacks, impressing others, the power of emotional vulnerability and dozens of other topics are offered in short memorable chapters guaranteed to stick to your mind. Written in a paternal voice, Dadvice: 50 Fatherly Life Lessons offers wisdom and guidance with a blend of humor and sincere love. Filled with memorable aphorisms, anecdotes and advice designed to apply to anybody's personal challenges, Dr. Jobin’s warm yet playful style is classically dad.  

Insurance & Fees



We are currently accepting inquiries from licensed therapists in any discipline, as well as licensed interns with the Board of Examiners of Marriage & Family Therapists and Clinical Professional Counselors in need of primary or secondary supervision. 

Please text (702-625-4063) or email ( with interest. 

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