Fees and Finances

Dr. Jobin Session - $100

Insurance Questions


Which insurances are accepted? 


Presently we do not accept insurance. If you would like to see an in-network therapist, please call the phone number on the back of your insurance card. 


Will my insurance reimburse me directly for the fees?

YES!  Check with your insurance provider to see if a reimbursement plan, or out-of-network benefits are offered.  


If needed, we will create a  "Super Bill"  which you can submit to your insurance company after a few sessions. With this Super Bill many insurance companies may reimburse a percentage of your out-of-pocket fees.


However, the client will still be responsible for all fees directly and assumes all risk of the insurance company failing to reimburse for the out of pocket costs. 

How are fees paid? 

All fees are paid in office by cash or card, or electronically by email invoice if requested.